Welcome to the official site of the RÁBA spol. s r.o., Authorized Commercial Representative of Rába Axle Company Hungary in the Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Rába spol. s r.o., is a subsidiary of Viko spol. s r.o. The Rába company's main activity is providing Rába axles, and axle spare-parts for medium and heavy duty trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment used in selected countries of European Union, United States of America, south America and Canada.

Our company carries out the representation as the Authorized Commercial Representation of Rába Axle Ltd. In the commerce, Rába spol. s r.o. has a declared and privileged position in price and business policies toward Rába Axle Ltd.

The company focuses on creation of adequate technical back for an automotive components business. In the present we dispose with the stock of components, documentation, and computer systems adapted for a mass electronic communication with our customers.

Rába spol. s r.o. is proud to handle only original components.

The employees of the company are lined up to fully serve the needs, requests and orders of potential clients.

The company appreciates any comments or suggestions to build an effective cooperation with customers.