Parts Catalog

Below is the overview of Rába axle products catalogue. Electronic catalogues can be downloaded as pdf documents, other catalogues will be sent by post on request.

Axle codes usually consist of 5 numbers, of which the first 3 ones indicate the type of axle and the following 2 numbers indicate the variants of a given type (for instance in 518.06, 518 means the axle type and 06 is the variant of this axle).

The exact type and variant numbers are to be found on the name plate or differential as shown below:

The catalogue specifies six-figure numbers (so-called identification numbers) necessary for a prompt and exact search for ordered items and drawing numbers.

We ask our customers to specify the following data regarding axles and spare parts so as to make it possible for us to attend to your orders promptly and accurately:

  • axle type and variant (e.g. 518.06)
  • part identification number (e.g. 508337)
  • part drawing number (e.g. 007.11-3341-031)
  • required part name (e.g. brake drum)
  • required quantity (e.g. 1 pc)
  • year of production and axle production number (e.g. 1996.01/01234)

Orders can be placed by post, fax or e-mail.