Product Range

RÁBA is one of the biggest independent axle manufacturer in the world. Employing 2,5 thousand people RÁBA Axle Ltd. has a presence with several important product groups on the market. The company manufactures complete and incomplete axles and their components. The company also manufactures axles for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment. The product range contains front, rear, driving, rigid, steering and non-steering axles as well as portal axles and their most important parts, key units, in other words differential, differential gears and their gears, axle housings and knuckles too.

There are several products made in the workshops of RÁBA Axle Ltd. that have a very good reputation in the world, for example the 500 horse-power driven axles produced for rubber tractors; the low floor bus axle family, and within this category the portal track rear axle; and the integrated knuckle among the axle components. The axles manufactured by RÁBA Axle Ltd. are famous for their long lifetime and reliability. This is proved by the experiences gained in producing more than 1,5 million axles in the fast decades.

The production of self-propelling bus chassis is a new activity of the company that has beentaken over from RÁBA Axle Ltd. These chassis are exported to Yugoslavia, Latvia, Greece, Norway and Iceland.

The company is continuously testing its products. The new products are subjected to the following tests in the company's own test laboratory: strength test, life test, drive gear test, vibration test and noise test. Modern measuring machines make the quality control of manufacturing easier. The quality of packaging is controlled in cooperation with the Széchenyi István University of Applied Sciences.

For bus and trolley bus

For truck

For specialty vehicle
  • Rigid front axles and independent suspensions
  • Single and double-reduction rear axles
  • Front and rear axles for low-floor buses and trolley buses
  • Tag axles
  • Self-propelling bus chassis built with such axles
  • Rigid front axles
  • Single, and double-reduction front axles (solo and tandem)
  • Single reduction rear axles
  • Double-reduction rear axles (solo and tandem)
  • Standard and two-speed head assemblies
  • Optional central inflation system for military application
  • Knuckles
  • I-beams
  • Axles without brake for construction machinery
  • Axles equipped with service and parking wet brake for agricultural tractors and construction machinery
  • Rubber-belt tractor axles
  • Optional hydraulical difflock

Within the designated territories, Rába axles are utilized on Karosa, Jelcz, and Ikarus buses, ©koda Ostrov trolley-buses, LIAZ and Praga trucks, and BSS trailers. This concerns especially the following model ranges of axles: 007, 009, 013, 107, 118, 270, 313, 318, 442, 518, 571, 572, 576, 582, 584, 597, 599, 700, 701, 752, 832, 839, 842/833, 843/834, 925, 935/945, AU 10948, TPI19-55.

The components for medium and heavy duty trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment provided by Rába spol. s r.o. are listed in the parts catalogs.